Thursday, March 19, 2009

Chris Dodd, Lying Hypocrite of the Week

Senator Chris Dodd wins the Lying Hypocrite of the Week for his entanglement in the AIG bonus controversy. Senator Dodd was one of the leading voices speaking out in condemnation of the AIG bonuses, but he is responsible for the legislation that allowed the bonuses to be paid to the AIG employees. Dodd even lied about his involvement in the legislation until the press exposed him.

The most shocking turn is that Chris Dodd received a large bonus of his own from AIG in the form of campaign contributions. When Chris Dodd was running for President in 2008, he received over $100,000 in contributions from AIG's Wilton-based Financial Products unit. Now caught, Senator Dodd says he will give the money back, but how do we know he will? We already know Senator Dodd is a liar who likes money. He should give the money back, but he probably won’t actually do it.

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