Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Barack Obama Humiliates America in Front of Russia and Iran Simultaneously

Barack Obama has humiliated America in front of Russia and Iran simultaneously with just one foreign policy blunder. Chairman Obama has hinted to the Russians that America’s missile shield is up for negotiation if Russia helps America rein in Iran.

Russian President, Dimitry Medvedev, wisely scoffed at Obama's clumsy overture by stating that “haggling” would not be productive. Essentially, Medvedev laughed at Obama as if he is a naive little boy who is trying to negotiate from a weak position. This is an embarrassment to the presidency and America.

Making matters far worse, Obama has shown weakness toward Iran with this goofy faux pas. By publicly acknowledging that America may not be able to deal with Iran unilaterally, Obama given Iran new confidence that America does not intend to act against Iran alone. In Iran’s eyes, America now looks weak and without resolve. Obama’s wimpy actions are bound to provoke aggression from Iran. One thing we have learned about the Muslim world during the last couple of decades is that weakness is provocative.

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