Thursday, December 22, 2005

Barack Obama Is Best Vice-President for Hillary

Assuming Hillary Clinton will get the presidential nomination for 2008, the Democrats are going to have to find a way to overcome Hillary Clinton’s personality deficit.

The best way to compensate for Hillary’s personality, will be to attach a running mate that is highly likeable and will be able to tap into demographics that normally do not vote in high percentages: young people and minorities. When one thinks of youth and minorities, one does not have to think long before Barack Obama comes to mind.

Barack Obama is a relatively young black man and is a rising star in the Democratic party. His full name, Barack Hussein Obama, Jr., is terribly unfortunate given current international realities, but he does have charisma, is aware of the issues, presents himself well, and has an image of competence. If Barack Obama cannot energize youth and minorities, no Democrat can.

A key factor that makes Barack Obama a strong choice for Vice-President is his home state of Illinois. Illinois has some valuable electoral votes that could easily swing the 2008 election. The Democrats need those votes, and Barack could deliver them.

Barack Obama has another thing going for him. He is a bit conservative for a Democrat, and this is another area of weakness for Hillary. Hillary Clinton is a true-blue liberal. She has been pretending to be a conservative for the last few years, but--in reality--she is deeply liberal, and her disastrous past as de facto co-President during Bill Clinton’s Presidency is going to come back to haunt her in 2008. Barack Obama will need to be on the ticket if Hillary wants to trick America into believing that she is no longer a liberal.

Hillary Clinton has a very solid chance at winning in 2008, but she will need the perfect running mate to make it happen. Barack Obama seems like an excellent fit.

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