Monday, March 6, 2006

Bill Clinton Keeps Forgetting He Was President

In a recent speech before a crowd of approximately 1,800 people at Pace University, former President Bill Clinton complained about the weak security at America’s ports by saying, "I still really can't believe we only check five percent of our containers at all the ports in America, when we've had now for four years a study saying that unless we do 10 to 20 percent, there's no deterrent effect at all."

Someone should remind Bill Clinton that he recently held the office of President for eight years. During his presidency, terrorist groups were striking in countries all over the world and making constant threats against America. If inspecting 10-20% of cargo containers is so important to national security, why did we not start taking action on this during the 1990s? Why did Bill Clinton not notice this vulnerability or correct the problem during his presidency?

Bill Clinton needs to stop bashing the government. He had amazing opportunities during his two terms, and he chose to spend them legacy building and dating. Bill Clinton’s time has passed. He needs to step aside and let others tackle the problems he did not want to face when he was in power.

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