Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Hillary Clinton Is the Only Democrat Choice for 2008

The Democrats are currently pretending to have honest discussions about who will be their presidential nominee for 2008. All of these conversations are a waste of time, because there is only one real choice if the Democrats wish to win: Hillary Clinton.

There is just simply no one else. Joe Biden is a lightweight, Joe Lieberman lacks energy, Al Gore is damaged goods, John Kerry blew an almost sure thing in his 2004 Presidential bid, and Howard Dean might be rabid. Assuming Michael Moore will be tied up filming Fahrenheit 9/11: Episode VIII during 2008, that leaves the Democrats with Hillary Clinton.

Hillary Clinton has been preparing for the 2008 election since the day Al Gore lost to George W. Bush in 2000, and we can only imagine that she wants it more than she has wanted anything in her life.

To Hillary’s credit, she is an incredibly strong candidate. Since she became a New York Senator, she has been acting like a presidential candidate. The Democrats are largely behind her. She has an existing campaign infrastructure from Bill Clinton’s decades of elections. She has her own money from all of those book sales. She is from a major Democrat state with valuable electoral votes. She energizes much of the Democrat base. And, of course, she has tremendous name recognition.

Hillary Clinton does come with some major problems. Her behavior during the Monica Lewinsky scandal made her look pathetic, clueless, and naive. She will find it difficult to shed this image before Election Day. That “vast right-wing conspiracy” interview is going to make some great political ads. These commercials will establish that if Hillary was too stupid to figure out Bill was cheating on her, how smart will she be when it is time for her to figure out that North Korea is cheating on a nuclear treaty. If she cannot even figure out what was going on downstairs in her house, how will she figure out what is going on in Pyongyang?

Hillary’s biggest obstacle, however, is that she is stuffy, cold, shrill, and unlikable to a great number of people. Hillary’s lousy personality alone is enough to turn away a droves of voters.

Hillary Clinton may be able to compensate for this personality deficit by taking on a dynamic and likeable running mate. Barack Obama is dynamic and Joe Lieberman is likeable. Maybe someone like these two will be likeable enough to warm the hearts of voters.

If the Democrats are going to win in 2008, they are going to have to swing for the fences. Unfortunately, the party just does not have many heavy-hitters. Hillary Clinton is the only all-star the Democrats have, and they need to start figuring out the best way to present her to the country.

Hillary does have a real shot at becoming President in 2008. If she does get elected, it will be wonderful for her, but terrible for America. The only other person in the country that will benefit significantly from Hillary’s Presidency will be Bill Clinton. Bill will finally be back in the White House, and he will probably be only four years from losing his distinction as the Worst American President.

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