Friday, December 9, 2005

Jimmy Carter Is a World-Class Loser

Before the Presidency of George W. Bush, there was long-standing tradition of former Presidents not criticizing their predecessors. The idea was that the Presidency is an elite fraternity composed of only a few people who understand the unique challenges a man faces while serving as the President of the United States of America. Former Presidents know that the job is tough enough as it is, and the last thing a sitting President needs is someone with the profile of a former President second-guessing his decisions.

Jimmy Carter has accepted the eternal distinction of being the first former President to make a career out of criticizing a sitting President. We have all become familiar with Jimmy Carter’s many public appearances where he took jabs at a sitting President. He has spoken in front of packed venues and millions of television viewers and insinuated that Bush is dishonest, incompetent, and apathetic. Even if Jimmy Carter deeply believes all this to be true, he—as a former President—should have the class and respect not to undermine the current President in public.

Sadly, undermining successors is not Jimmy Carter’s worst habit. He also loves to rundown America. Jimmy Carter often criticizes America for being stingy and self-centered. He says America does not give enough to charity even though American is the most charitable nation on Earth. He says we do not care about the smaller nations even though we dispatch teams of rescue workers to the edges of the Earth every time a major disaster occurs.

Jimmy Carter loves trashing America in domestic appearances, but he most enjoys selling out America when he is on foreign soil. When he travels around the world receiving obscene amounts of money for speaking engagements, he uses the opportunity to tell foreigners exactly what they want to hear. He tells them that America needs to start caring about the rest of the world. He tells them America needs to start being more generous by giving away more money (i.e., your tax dollars). He tells them that America’s policies are flawed. He calls for United Nations observers to monitor our elections, because we cannot be trusted to run elections on our own.

The reality is that Jimmy Carter has a right to do all of these disgraceful things. The problem is that, as a former President, he should have the patriotism and love for America to not embarrass his country overseas. America has a hard enough time with her international image. Being badmouthed by a former President is incredibly unhelpful.

Jimmy Carter has always portrayed himself as a genius that knows everything and can single-handedly solve any problem. Jimmy Carter’s delusion of grandeur calls attention to one great question: If Jimmy Carter is so incredibly smart and has all of the answers to the world’s problems, why did he not put this amazing wisdom to use while the country was in the toilet during his term? The answer is that he could not solve the world’s problems, because his solutions were impractical and he was incapable of inspiring people.

The problem is that Jimmy Carter is a world-class loser. Jimmy Carter has never had any ideas. He cannot do anything but whine, and nobody with any sense of dignity wants to follow him in any task more important than building a house out of particleboard.

Jimmy Carter was a failure in office, and has already gone down in history as leading one of the most ineffective administrations to ever hold power in America. One day, he will fade away and become a pathetic footnote in history. Jimmy Carter will be known as the man that was given the most powerful position in the world, did nothing with it, and then spent the rest of his life dragging everybody else down with him.

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