Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Obama for America Wants You to Report Others to AttackWatch

Barack Obama at Notre Dame in Graduation Robe

The Obama for America campaign wants you to report Web content you consider to be attacks on Barack Obama. If you like living in a society where citizens inform on each other for their controversial thoughts and words, please go to the Obama for America Web site (BarackObama.com) and report all offensive Web content to the Obama 2012 campaign. You can upload videos, upload photos, report URLs, expose thought crimes, etc. You can even report Web sites like Great Blue Abyss if you feel they are critical of Barack Obama. This is your chance to embrace fascism, get down with the police state, and get your neighbors in trouble if they are failing to get in line with Obama's policies and goals.

AttackWatch.com, the companion site to BarackObama.com, is very similar in concept to the controversial flag@whitehouse.gov email address the Obama Administration set up in August of 2009 to encourage citizens to inform on each other by sending reports to the White House of information critical of Barack Obama's socialized medicine plan, now commonly known as ObamaCare. It is also eerily reminiscent of one of the Barack Obama 2008 campaign Web sites, FightTheSmears.com, which encouraged people to forward critical emails to watchdog@barackobama.com.

You can access the report form directly at the "Report an Attack" page on the AttackWatch site.

Do not be misled, BarackObama.com and AttackWatch.com share resources, URLs, and domains. The two sites are practically one and the same. This is now the third time the Barack Obama camp has boldly come forward and specifically encouraged citizens to report on each other for doing nothing more than opposing Obama. If the Internet had been around during the days of Stalin, Hitler, Mao, etc., they too would have gotten things started with Web sites like AttackWatch.

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