Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Obama Administration Resorts to Unhealthy Tactics to Chill Socialized Medicine Debate

In a 6:55AM post on August 4, 2009, Macon Philips, The White House Director of New Media, used the official White House Blog to ask people to rat out their fellow US citizens who are disseminating unfavorable information about Obama's plans for socialized medicine. The post, titled "Facts Are Stubborn Things," urges people who receive or see negative information about Obama's government-run health care initiative that seems "fishy" to report this information directly to the White House by forwarding the critical material to

This means that your tax dollars are being used to monitor and review the way you and other private citizens choose to use the right of free speech. What do you suppose the White House plans to do with the information they collect? Why did they use "flag" in the email address? What happens if you are "flagged" by the White House? Will they investigate those who are speaking out against socialized medicine? Will Obama call them in for questioning? Will Obama order the dissenters be put on some sort of a watch list?

This is a tactic that was used in the Soviet Union and Nazi Germany. Since the government cannot possibly keep tabs on everything said by every dissenter, they employ private citizens to spy on their neighbors. This is a creepy and disturbing move by the White House. Have we learned nothing from history? Perhaps, Chairman Obama has learned plenty.

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