Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Prediction for Obama's 2010 Election Loss Response: Bush's Fault

At this point, most have conceded that Democrats are set for some serious loses in the November 2010 election. Only the insane are expecting Democrats to maintain a majority in the House of Representatives, and the sane are starting to worry that Republicans could actually gain enough Senate seats to take a narrow majority in the Senate.

No one is quite sure what will happen when the dust settles after Election Day. This is not a typical election. The conservatives are freaking out after a year and a half of being dragged into the greedy red maw of socialism. Liberals are disillusioned because the messiah they anointed has made only halfhearted attempts to deliver on the utopian promises he made to them. Even worse, the moderate Democrats are in panic mode, because they have been sucked into Obama's policies of spending and government expansion that are becoming intensely unpopular with enormous percentages of the population. Depending on how one read the polls, one could assume 40-55% of the voters are furious with the current state of affairs in America. A far greater percentage of Americans (maybe as high as 75%) are specifically angry at Congress.

No one can possibly know what is going to happen in this most unusual election year, but one thing is certain: Obama promised change, and change is coming. Unfortunately for Obama, that change is not going to be the change for which he had audaciously hoped. We may see some staggering losses in the House and some shocking shifts in the Senate.

The day after Election 2010, the press will begin to analyze the results. They will ask who is to blame for the loses, and there will be many explanations offered. The first defense will be that Election 2010 was all about anti-incumbent sentiment. That will be true to a degree. Several high-profile, career politicians have already been disowned by voters in the Democrat and Republican parties and replaced with fresh faces from beyond the realm of the political machine.

The anti-incumbent theory will carry a little water, but not enough. If the Democrats face tremendous losses in November, people are going to realize Election 2010 is primarily a referendum on Barack Obama and those politicians who have supported his policies. Obama is going to have no choice but to answer for the historic loses, and here is where Great Blue Abyss is prepared to make a prediction. Barack Obama will attempt to blame the 2010 loses on the poor economy. Shortly thereafter, Obama will directly or indirectly point the finger at George W. Bush for the bad economy.

Yes, this prediction sounds crazy, but--based on Obama's past behavior--it is very likely to happen. Obama will blame the economy and then remind everyone he inherited that bad economy. So there you have it. When the Democrats lose in November, it will all be the fault of George W. Bush, and it will not matter that the man will have been out of office for nearly two years by that point.

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