Sunday, June 21, 2009

Barack Obama Takes Himself Too Seriously

Extremely Rare Photo Captures Barack Obama Keeping a Campaign Promise As He Prepares to Count Every American for 2010 Census

Have you ever noticed that Barack Obama rarely smiles? Chairman Obama often has a dire expression on his face as if he is pondering some critical concept. Other times, he has this creepy pompous look as if he is absorbing the adoration of his subjects. Often, Obama wears a bitter and harsh look, especially as he speaks about people he does not like. Sometimes, Obama looks just plain annoyed. Regardless, Obama rarely has a smile on his face. When he does smile, he is normally mocking a statement or question from the press he would rather not answer. Sure, Obama will smile when he wants to act as if a person's concern is unwarranted or trivial, but how often do we really see the man with a genuinely happy expression on his face? What is wrong with this man? Why is he always so unpleasant? Is he a very sad person? Does he just take himself far too seriously? Is he trying to intimidate people?

Cheer up, Obama. You are not really that important to the survival of the human race, and life just is not that bad. Give us a genuine smile once in a while so we will not think you are a narcissistic sociopath.

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