Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Barack Obama Bows to King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia

Barack Obama has embarrassed America again. This time he bowed to King Abdullah Bin Abdulaziz of Saudi Arabia at the 2009 G-20 summit. Click here to read about Obama's latest international gaffe.

The White House is denying the bow ever took place, but the video tells a different story. As recorded on video, Barack Obama clearly bent at the waist before King Abdullah. When Obama's body reached an angle of around 80 degrees, he paused for a moment and then stood erect. Regardless of what the White House claims, Obama absolutely did bow before King Abdullah. Of course, many in the Muslim world are enthralled with Obama's show of deference to a Muslim King.

Perhaps the next time Barack Obama finds himself in the presence of royalty, he should just skip the bow and show his respect with the gift of an iPod.

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