Thursday, November 6, 2008

Every Black Jimmy Carter Has a Silver Lining

Barack Obama will probably turn out to be the Black Jimmy Carter. Jimmy Carter was elected after a very controversial administration as a liberal, family values, intellectual Democrat. Does this sound familiar? Of course, people soon realized how poorly suited Carter was for the job, but America was stuck with him for four years.

This four-year period was a time of tremendous inflation, rampant liberalism, foreign policy humiliations, and domestic despair. This period of suffering and malaise forced conservative Democrats to look outside of their party for relief. In 1980, Reagan soundly defeated Carter, ushered in one of the greatest times in American history, and created the gold standard of conservatism.

Since Obama is so much like Carter, one must wonder if Obama's administration will also be a tremendous failure. If it is, maybe Obama will pave the way for another great conservative. Right now, the only potential shinning candidate on a hill is Sarah Palin. If she doesn't rise to the occasion, maybe Jeb Bush can grow a beard, change his name to Jeb Shrubbery, and try to make it through the election before people figure out he has some famous relatives. Beyond that, it will have to be Joe the Plumber, Ted Nugent, or some sort of reanimated Thomas Jefferson zombie. (Great conservatives are hard to come by these days.)

The point is we had to suffer through four years of Carter to get eight years of Reagan and the collapse of the Soviet Union. Maybe Obama will wake up America (a nation which has been asleep since the fall of Baghdad), and we will get to see another great eight years and the fall of the Chinese Communist government and the Soviet Union II, which will probably be established by Vladimir Putin just after Obama takes the oath of office in January.

"Mr. Putin, tear down that wall again."

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