Friday, October 24, 2008

Why Hillary Clinton Cannot Afford to Let Barack Obama Become President

Senator Hillary Clinton has been sort of campaigning for Senator Barack Obama, but most people can tell her heart is not really in it. In fact, Hillary’s pro-Obama speeches have been little more than previews of her hopeful presidential run in 2012.

The reality is that Hillary Clinton’s presidential dreams have two enemies: Barack Obama and time. Barack Obama has already cost her the 2008 election--an election she was sure she would win. But 2008 is not all Obama has potentially taken from her. Obama may be days away from turning time into Hillary’s adversary.

The worst thing that could possibly happen to Hillary is for Obama to win this election. If Obama loses, Hillary will run in 2012 on the "I Told You So" platform and have a decent chance at winning. If, however, Obama does win, Hillary will have a very hard time challenging an incumbent Democrat President Obama in 2012. She will probably not get to run again until 2016 when Obama is no longer eligible to run. She will then face another major obstacle in 2016. She will probably have to challenge the then incumbent Vice President Biden for the position. For decades, Biden has clearly dreamed of being President, and he will not go quietly. If Vice President Biden can hold her off, Hillary is out of the running until 2020 or later.

Hillary is turning 61 on October 26, 2008. If she has to wait until 2020 to run, she will be 73 years old before Election Day. Hillary probably does not like the idea of possibly having to wait until she is older than John McCain is now to finally run for President. If Hillary did win in 2020, she would be the oldest person to ever become President.

Do not kid yourself. Hillary Clinton has already done the math on this, and you can bet she is unhappy about this cold reality. Do not be surprised if the Clintons are working behind the scenes to keep Obama out of the Oval Office. Hillary simply cannot afford to let Obama win this election. Obama does not need to worry about the Republicans. Hillary and Bill are the ones Obama needs to be watching.

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