Sunday, September 14, 2008

The Inconvenient Truth of Al Gore and the Big Secret Boat

The Great Blue Abyss has independently confirmed that Al Gore has recently purchased a large boat. The vessel is allegedly a big houseboat. The purchase itself is not significant. Al Gore is a rich man, and he should be allowed to enjoy his wealth. However, what is significant about this acquisition is that Gore seems to be going out of his way to keep his purchase out of the press.

What is the big secret here? Why does Al Gore not want people to know about his big, new boat? Is this boat a gas-guzzler that will hurt Gore’s ultra-green image? Is Gore trying to hide his posh lifestyle? Is there an embarrassing hypocrisy issue here? Perhaps, Gore is very confident about all of his global-warming predictions and wants a place to live when the rest of us are under twenty feet of water from the melting icecaps.

Mr. Gore, what’s the big secret about your new boat? Please tell us.

For photos and more information, click here.

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