Thursday, July 10, 2008

Democrats Betray Fourth Amendment with Surveillance Bill

The cowardly Democrats in the House of Representative and Senate have betrayed the American people by backing down and giving President George W. Bush the Surveillance Bill on a silver platter. Thanks to the blue wimp donkeys, President Bush now has the power to further erode what little is left of the Fourth Amendment.

The Surveillance Bill gives greater power to the Federal government’s initiatives to spy on law-abiding Americans without court approval. It also grants immunity to companies, which voluntarily comply with the Federal government in violating your rights. In short, the government wants to continue to spy on you, and give you little recourse, if any.

The passing of the Surveillance Bill has extended a shameful era where you, as a private citizen, may be put under intrusive investigation without a warrant. And, by the way, the surveillance warrants are available. The Bush administration just does not want to be troubled with requesting them through proper channels. Apparently, convenience trumps your Fourth Amendment rights.

What good is a Democrat majority if the Democrat officials just rubberstamp a very unpopular Republican President’s initiatives? Isn’t the Democratic Party supposed to be standing up to the President? Isn’t the Democratic Party supposed to be standing up for our civil rights?

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