Sunday, April 6, 2008

Ohio Hospital Contests Hillary Clinton's Dead Mother and Baby Story

Hillary Clinton has long been called a congenital liar, and she has spent most of her career living up to this shady reputation. While her latest gaffe may not be a deliberate lie, it is an example of Hillary repeatedly telling a story that is not true.

Hillary has been roaming the nation talking about how Trina Bachtel and her unborn baby died after being denied healthcare by a hospital in Ohio because Bachtel did not have $100 to pay for treatment. The problem is that this story is apparently not true.

According to The New York Times, a newspaper which sometimes reports accurate stories, the O’Bleness Memorial Hospital in Athens, Ohio is denying the story and explaining that the woman was, in fact, insured and did receive medical treatment. Trina Bachtel did actually die, but it is not because she was refused treatment as Hillary is claiming.

The tragic story about the death of Trina Bachtel and her unborn baby makes for great political soundbites, but how can we be surprised that it is not true? The tale just sounded too perfect to be anything else but propoganda. The fact that the words came out of Hillary Clinton’s mouth certainly did not augment the story’s believability.

Well, here we go again. Another one of Hillary Clinton’s favorite stories has been exposed as a fraud. Maybe Hillary should place a call to some old friends to see if they have any more good stories for the campaign trail. Certainly, Al Gore has a few good tales left.

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